What size is the unit?

The unit measures just 530 x 200 x 85 mm and slips easily under the bathtub out of sight.


Where is it fitted?

The main unit fits underneath the bathtub, behind the bath panel. Only the stylish control panel and discreet inlet and outlet fittings are visible.


How do I connect it to an existing bath?

By removing the bath panel, access can be gained to the areas required, thus retro fitting into an existing bath is as easy as fitting into a new bathroom installation.


What baths can I fit it to?

If you can drill a hole in it, you can fit a ThermaSsure. This includes acrylic, steel, and cast iron tubs.


How noisy is it?

In normal use, the system is virtually silent.


How safe is it?

The system has been designed with a great degree of safety built in. Indeed it is much safer to use a bath with ThermaSsure fitted than without.


Can the children use it?

It is ideal for children who love to splash around in the bath for long periods, as it keeps the water temperature at a safe level without having to use the hot tap to top up the water.


Can the elderly use it?

The ThermaSsure provides peace of mind for the elderly and infirm as it removes the risk of scalding from either entering a bath that is too hot, or from using hot water to top up the bath.


Is there a limit I can set on the temperature for safety?

The maximum selectable temperature is 43°C, which is well below the 46°C limit being imposed by law in certain countries including Scotland.


Is there any maintenance involved?

Every few weeks it is recommended to flush out the system with an off the shelf spa cleaning fluid, to remove any soap and limescale deposits.


What happens if there is a blockage?

As the water entering the system is filtered down to 80 microns, no large particles can ever enter the system to form a blockage.


How much does it cost to run?

On average it cost 7 to 10p per hour to run an average sized bath, which is much less than topping up with hot water, especially if on a meter.


Does it work with bath products like bubble bath or bath bombs?

Bathing additives work absolutely fine, as any large particles are filtered out before entering the system.


Do cleaning products affect it? What about bleach?

ThermaSsure is resistant to most household cleaning materials including bleach.


How does it clean the water?

ThermaSsure cleans the water by first filtering the water, then with the optional Thermapure UV system, kills any viruses and bacteria, to provide filtered purified water in your bath.